About me

I’ve always felt passionate about mathematics and programming. I love math so much, that my desk is always full of random notes and sheets of paper, filled from top to bottom with tiny, little mathematical hieroglyphs. Once I find something interesting I tend to lose track of time and often spend all night long just filling up stacks of blank pages with random equations. That sure is a way to go! Especially when some of the problems have some practical applications, like computer games or other programs. I also like visualizing mathematical problems by plotting graphs, making statistics, simulations and whatnot. Being creative can’t just be summed up with few words like this, as it reaches even further – to music and art to name a few.

I’ve created this blog to have an outlet of sort for all kinds of things that wind up inside my mind, huge amount of which relate to math and programming – applets, scripts, programs, but also some pure-math topics that I’m currently interested in. It’s possible for more ideas to come!