I’ve just finished the first version of “Gruntz REZ Patcher”. The application is primaly written for use in the game Gruntz, however it’s very likely to work with other Monolith games as well, such as Claw and Get Mediaval. Its primary goal is to make it possible to mod Gruntz: the program would allow anyone to create new tile sets, adding new image sets, sounds etc. As of now it isn’t really possible because of a lack of proper tools.

This version features only the most important functions, which practically are the “basis” of the future versions. These features are: creating a REZ package and exporting its contents. The user input is received via command-line; it’s got no GUI – I’ll add it later, since it’s not a priority now.

Gruntz REZ Patcher 0.1.0.zip (485.32 KB)

A list of arguments can be thought of as a list of commands – they area analized one by one and the proper functions are being executed on the fly. There are four commands so far:

-dr <directory path> <output REZ file>
-rd <REZ file> <output directory path>
-lr <REZ file>

Here are some examples of command lines:

::Packs the entire directory with subfolders into REZ file
"Gruntz REZ Patcher.exe" -dr "C:\Gruntz Data\\" "C:\Gruntz\GRUNTZ.REZ"

::Exports the contents of a REZ file into the directory specified and lists the contents of the same REZ file
"Gruntz REZ Patcher.exe" -rd "C:\Gruntz\GRUNTZ.REZ" "C:\Gruntz Data\\" -l

::Lists the contents of a REZ file specified
"Gruntz REZ Patcher.exe" -lr "C:\Gruntz\GRUNTZ.REZ"

The next version will be all about implementing automatic conversion of PID files during packing as well as exporting a REZ file. Then I’ll think of a simple GUI.