Gruntz Decryptor

The Gruntz Decryptor allows you to read and modify the ATTRIBUTEZ.TXT and CHEATZ.TXT files from the GRUNTZ.REZ archive, which are responsible for configuration of many key aspects of the game Gruntz.

Gruntz REZ Patcher

It so happened that I made two completely different programs which were named “Gruntz REZ Patcher”. While they both relate to manipulating REZ archives, their features do not overlap unfortunately. I’ll likely clean up this mess in the future and merge all of the features into a single and handy release.

  • Gruntz REZ Patcher 0.1.0
    This is the console application, which allows you to extract files from the REZ archive as well as create the archive from the files on the disk.
  • Gruntz REZ Patcher 1.0.0+
    This on the other hand is a GUI application used to patch (modify) the REZ archive based on the concept of patches (or mods if you happen to be more familiar with that term). This is the first attempt at making Gruntz a fully moddable game, where changing many game aspects would be relatively easy and straightforward.